Peanut-butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Bill Murray and Christmas. Some things just go perfectly together, you know?

So this holiday season, be prepared to fit Murray under your tree. He’s teaming up with Netflix and Sofia Coppola to bring us A Very Murray Christmas. It’s not even out yet, and already it’s my favorite Christmas movie of all time.

The film is written by Murray, Coppola and Mitch Glazer, and will be directed by Coppola. OK, never thought a Lost In Translation Christmas time reunion would be something to get excited over, but looks like we’re about to get ecstatic over just that.

A Very Murray Christmas will find Murray playing his best role to date: Himself. The premise is thus: He’s hosting a big show in New York City, but a huge snowstorm hits and he gets worried that none of his guests will show up. He then finds himself at The Carlyle Hotel with some pretty awesome friends: George Clooney, Chris Rock, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Jason Schwartzman, and Rashida Jones. That’s still probably about only 1/4 of the people who will show up for this holiday extravaganza. But seriously, what is this amazing Billy Murray fueled Christmas sorcery?

A Very Murray Christmas aims to pay tribute to “classic variety shows” so if that means we’ll get to see Murray singing and dancing in his best Christmas sweater, we’re down for that. Netflix has it set to premiere in December, but maybe we could really push for Christmas to come early?

To hold us over until then, a 24 second teaser trailer exists, which features Murray wearing reindeer antlers and staring blankly ahead at New York City. I can hear those sleigh bells ringing already.

Image via here.