Why everyone’s talking about tonight’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ finale

It may seem like Season 9 just started, but The Big Bang Theory is wrapping up tonight. Ahead of the episode, CBS has gifted us with an awesome behind-the-scenes look at the finale, and it looks pretty, um, romantic? Yup after 5 and 1/2 years of will they or won’t they, they will.

But let’s backtrack. Naturally, the episode all hinges on Star Wars. Will the guys get tickets to The Force Awakens? Honestly, that’s the question most of us are asking this weekend, so we feel you, fellas.

But movie tickets aren’t the only Star Wars presence. Bob Newhart is guest starring as Professor Proton, dressed as Obi Wan Kenobi. He encourages Sheldon to spend the evening with Amy on her birthday rather than going to the movies. Seriously, that’s love right there.

That gesture leads to Sheldon and Amy upping the ante on their previously chaste romance—if you know what we mean. Yup, tonight’s the night.

And according to Sheldon’s Jim Parsons, who spoke with Entertainment Weekly, the whole shebang (sorry) is going to be pretty intimate.

“I do think what [the writers] did with this is really skillfully handled,” said Parsons. “You know, one of the reasons sometimes the stuff they do is easy to play is because it’s not what you might have thought it was going to be. So you don’t feel like you’re living up to any expectations. You feel like you’re doing something more organic and more surprising. And in this case what I mean is that Sheldon is not overly worked up about this.”

“Right. I also didn’t know we’d actually have a bed scene,” Amy’s Mayim Bialik adds. “I’ll just be honest about that.”

So viewers will be right there with Amy and Sheldon as they take their relationship to the next level.

As for Amy’s anxiety about consummating the union, Bialik tells EW:

The episode airs tonight at 8pm ET, but if you need a fix right now, check out the behind the scenes footage of the ep CBS just released.

(Image via CBS)

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