Olivia Harvey
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 2:55 pm

2017 is making up for 2016’s nonsense in a big way. Because Beyoncé is having twins! We repeat: Queen B – Beyoncé – Our Heavenly Mother – is having TWINS. Blue Ivy is going to be a big sister. Jay and Bey and going to be parents of three. The royal family is growing and we can’t wait for the new princesses/princes to arrive!

To add to our excitement, Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, spoke out about her daughter’s pregnancy after Beyoncé made the official announcement via Instagram. Tina Knowles reposted the photo of her ethereal daughter on Instagram and wrote, “WOW I don’t have to keep the secret anymore😀I am soooo happy ❤️❤️”

She continued, “God is so good❤️ twin blessings. Thankyou for all your well wishing beautiful messages . I appreciate them soo much❤️”

Earlier today, Beyoncé posted her pregnancy photo on her own Instagram account. The dramatic staging of the photo is so extra that we think the piece is better suited for a museum rather than social media. We can’t and shouldn’t expect anything less from a true goddess.

After not seeing any recent photos of the singer on Instagram for a few weeks, we now understand why Beyoncé was flying under the radar. You might have been upset about Bey being out of the social media loop. But if it’s any consolation, just imagine the Instagram photos and Snapchats we’re going to be seeing in the very near future.

They’re going to be unreal.

Congratulations to the Carters and the Knowles! We cannot wait to welcome the twins into the world and to see Bey and Jay be new parents all over again!