There’s a lot for Tina Knowles to be celebrating right now. For starters, her daughter Beyoncé is pregnant with twins. Also, her daughter is Beyoncé. Those two things right there are worth celebrating forever. But she has chosen to celebrate something a little less obvious — Corny Joke Day.

And we absolutely love her for it.

Knowles has been telling jokes on Instagram for some time now, because she clearly knows the way to her fans’ hearts and funny bones. I mean, her most recent joke has us LOL-ing. But TBH, all of her corny jokes always have us LOL-ing.

“What do you get when you mix a fish with an elephant?” Watch her video to find out the answer, and prepare to fall in love with Ms. Knowles.

Her jokes make us so happy, because we imagine her telling them to Bey, and Bey rolling her eyes like daughters do. And honestly, the thought of Bey rolling her eyes at her mom like we’ve all done brings us so much joy.

Here’s another one of her mom jokes:

“Did you hear about the two antennas that got married?” Watch for the punch line, guys.

Obviously the best part is when Knowles giggles at her own corny joke.

Here’s another…”What did the nosey pepper do?” GET READY FOR IT…

But you guys, she doesn’t just tell jokes on Instagram, she also does impressions.

Moral of the story — you should absolutely be following Tina Knowles. She is what happens when moms have Instagram accounts. LOLOLOL