Beyonce's Body Was ACTUALLY Too Bootylicious For H&M

Apparently, H&M wasn’t ready for Beyoncé’s jelly. Several weeks after Mrs. Carter first made budget beachwear look good in H&M’s summer swimwear campaign, reports have surfaced that B had to fight for the right to flaunt her curves. Allegedly, H&M deemed the singer’s body to be too bootylicious for their editorials and tried to retouch the photos of B in their bikinis — But the Queen wasn’t havin’ that, y’all.

“When Beyoncé found out they had edited the way her body really looked, she hit the roof,” a source says. “Her people refused to give the pictures the green light so H&M were forced to use the originals.”

All the women who independent, throw yo’ hands up at me! I don’t know if you guys saw the video of the fan who slapped B’s booty at a recent show, but she is puttin’ her fancy-heeled foot down all over the place these days. And good for her! Despite all the drama surrounding those less-than-flattering SuperBowl halftime photos, she deserves to call the shotsEspecially when her body is the billboard and her curves are her calling card. And I mean, I’d be happy to look like she did when she was pregnant, so there’s definitely no need for H&M to trim down her already bangin’ bod in a two-piece.

“Our purpose has always been to portray Beyoncé as the strong and beautiful woman she is,” a rep for H&M said in response to the retouching accusations. “It has been a good working process and a close cooperation. Both parties are happy with the images.”

(This totally sounds like a Charlie Brown head-hang to me.)

Question: Tell me how you feel about this? Try to control me boy, you get dissed.  

Featured image via NY Daily News

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