On vacation this week? Head down in your work or books? Absorbed in a summer romance? Sweatin’ to the Netflix oldies in your apartment with a bucket of Chunky Monkey? Fear not, here’s all the feminism news you might have missed.

British student Eleanor Haswell has created underwear that had female internal anatomy printed on front. Now I want some ovaries underwear in the worst way.

Beyoncé recreates famous WWII “Rosie The Riveter” illustration on her Instagram. E! Entertainment dubs the Insta “the ultimate feminist photo.” Okay, okay, okay, I don’t know about THAT, but an adorable and awesome contribution to the Insta-sphere? Most defs.

The new official term is “macktivism” and these dudes are just as Creepy McCreeperson as they sound.

Kate Kelly is a Mormon, a lawyer, and a feminist who fought her church for women’s right to be ordained in the church’s all-male lay priesthood, and has now been excommunicated by her local church leaders for her efforts towards equality. She is now appealing to her church’s national leaders to make this right.

The pay gap is NOT a myth, the war on rape culture is NOT an exercise in futility, patriarchy is not an urban legend, and if you think that “feminism” is “growing out your body hair so that you can be equal to men”… you need to Google what feminism actually means.

Roxane “Grandmaster of Twitter” Gay’s collection of essays “Bad Feminist” comes out on August 5th, just a week and a half away. The collection explores, amongst other things, the complications of calling oneself a feminism and the difficulty of living up to all the ideals the term stands for. I’m counting down the days ’til this book comes out like other people are counting down the days ’til “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Because Nirvana has always been the coolest and always will be the coolest.