Elizabeth Entenman
Updated June 08, 2016 8:40 am
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Last night Beyoncé’s Formation Tour set up shop in New York, and fans were treated to a side of the Queen they’d never seen before: Her regular human side. Just as she was about to start singing “Love On Top,” something incredible happened: She sneezed.

The crowd at Citi Field went absolutely wild. Without missing a beat, everyone chimed in for one big “Bless you!” and cheered, delighted and humbled to see Bey act like one of us mere mortals. Honestly, we didn’t know she was plagued by regular people problems like having allergies or getting a cold.

There’s just one problem: Nobody can seem to find a video of the unscripted moment. The internet is on the case, and hopefully one will surface soon. There were thousands of people in the crowd, and with everyone documenting every moment on Instagram and Snapchat, there’s bound to be at least ONE video of the sneeze.

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And now, we wait. Hopefully some footage surfaces soon!