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Finally, after two years of dabbling in bonus tracks and guest features, Beyoncé has reemerged with some heavenly new material and you’ll probably have access to the track in just a few hours (*gasps*).

Just yesterday, music producer Naughty Boy tweeted the album art for Bey’s latest single, “Runnin’ (Lose It All).” The picture was accompanied by a cryptic caption that read: “33 hours . . . @Beyoncé @ArrowBenjamin #LoseItAll.”

Hours later, Naughty Boy fanned the flames with a 15-second teaser for the single, which features Beyoncé’s soaring vocals over a gorgeous, albeit solemn, piano ballad. The audio is accompanied by surrealistic visuals of seemingly displaced, lonely people floating through the ocean.

As if the clip weren’t enough to send our hearts into a tailspin, Naughty Boy tweeted a slew of lyrics from the single that had us feeling, well, utterly devastated. Thanks to a mysterious (and evidently talented) songwriter named Arrow Benjamin, these “Runnin'” lyrics are giving us pre-cry throat lumps: “Chasing you, chasing you, memories turn to dust.” “Nothing else matters now, you’re not here.” “These lonely four walls have changed the way I feel.”

Between the sparse piano keys and heartbreaking lyrics, “Runnin'” makes an ideal soundtrack for those rainy days. Of course, we mean that both literally and figuratively.

The full track is expected to be released TONIGHT at 7PM ET. If you have any doubts, check out Naughty Boy’s Twitter or Instagram. He seems to have a pretty accurate countdown in motion!

In the meantime, let’s welcome Beyoncé’s new tune with a slow clap. And a few tears.

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