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Did Beyonce’s costume just kick ALL of our costumes’ asses? Short answer: Yes. Aaaaabsolutely.

At Ciara’s themed superhero birthday party, she and her crew got dressed up as the most badass DC and Marvel ladies ever. But if we’re being *totally* honest, Beyonce won it all, because Beyonce won everything. Yep, Beyonce went as Storm, and we’re pretty sure she can control the weather now. Sounds about right.

“I met Beyoncé tonight and she couldn’t have been more sweet,” comedian Jeff Dye wrote in the caption of his selfie with the star on Instagram. “And shares my love of costumes.”

We thought Beyonce’s eyes were pretty captivating as they were when they weren’t silver, and now we’re dead.

The party was actually a surprise 30th birthday party planned for Ciara by boyfriend Russell Wilson, People reports. On Saturday, she got all dressed up for what she thought was a movie premiere, then showed up at the Warner Brothers lot only to find her boyfriend dressed as Batman along with 100 of her closest friends and family. And naturally, that lot included stars like Bey, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Lily Collins. All of which looked RAD:

And yes, everyone looked great, but let’s be real: Bey killed it most of all:

Yep, time to go home, get rid of our costumes, and start from scratch, because it’s Storm season this Halloween.

(Images via Instagram.)