We’re fangirling over Beyoncé supporting fellow pop star queen Britney Spears. Beyoncé saw her in concert in Las Vegas on Friday night, and seeing potential music rivals being fans of each other’s work is giving us all the op culture feels. Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus have been a few other Spears concert-goers. Because it’s Britney, b*tch.

Beyoncé was there with Jay Z, sitting in the VIP section instead of being mobbed by fans. However, before the show started, audience members certainly took notice of the couple when they came into the venue. “No one had any idea that they were coming. It was a huge surprise,” a concert-goer told E! News. “We all thought the president or Britney herself had come out it was that crazy,” said another, re: the hubbub.

Once in the VIP section, though, Beyoncé appeared to be at least ATTEMPTING to keep her presence on the DL, laying low wearing a big black hat over her blonde locks. Still, in typical Beyoncé fashion, she sometimes got up and danced to Spears’s songs, like “Piece of Me” and “Oops!… I Did It Again.”

I agree — Spears’s energy is contagious. I saw her in concert in Chicago a few years ago and she puts on quite the show.

Of course, none of us can forget Beyoncé and Spears jamming together in their gladiator splendor in this 2004 Pepsi ad, where they sang “We Will Rock You” with Pink.

As for Spears, she recently signed a $35 million (read: more money than we can hold in our brains) deal to prolong her residency at Planet Hollywood through 2017. “I’m not ready to leave Vegas yet! And I just really really love this show and this city,” she said to E! News. “I’m so proud of the show, and my band, my dancers and my crew have all become such a family to me. When it came down to me really having to make this decision, I just couldn’t imagine ending my residency at the end of this year.”

I know we were all thinking, “…Baby one more time,” not wanting Spears to stop performing anytime soon. We’re so happy our wish came true!

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