Trilby Beresford
January 17, 2017 1:02 pm

We’re incredibly excited to wish Betty White the happiest of 95th birthdays today, because she’s a star who has navigated her amazing career with total grace, humor, and general badassary.

And what better way to celebrate than highlighting some of Betty White’s best onscreen moments from a career that’s spanned 70 years and earned her numerous awards?

And it’s still going strong btws! She graced our TV screens earlier this month in the final season of Bones, and we can’t wait to see what else is up her sleeve. But in the meantime, we just want to take a moment to enjoy some of the times she’s brought us so much joy.

Like that time she danced around a fire with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal.

Or that time she made us literally LAUGH OUT LOUD on the George Lopez show (seriously).

Or that time she prank called James Corden.

Everything she ever said on The Golden Girls.

And of course, when she was total ladyboss Sue Ann on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Isn’t she just one of the most talented humans?! We’re in awe of how White has maintained such a steady career for so long, and one that genuinely seems to get bigger every year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this lady! We’re glad to see that she celebrated with a good friend, and enjoyed a sweet treat.

Most importantly, thank you for setting an example of how to charge forward with confidence, vigor, spirit, and optimism, no matter the circumstances.

And of course, that signature humor. Betty White is one of a kind.

Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!