Erin Mallory Long
Updated Jul 02, 2014 @ 12:36 pm

There are many female TV friendships that have greatly impacted my life: Mary and Rhoda, Buffy and Willow, even Kelly and Jessie and Lisa, to some extent. For every good portrayal of a female friendship, there’s are a ton of poor portrayals. (Come on, we do not have pillow fights and just talk about boys at sleepovers.) And with things like the Bechdel Test becoming more and more discussed, let’s get into some TV episodes that really highlight awesome female friendships.

“Sisters are doing it for themselves!” I’m declaring that song the anthem of this post! Effective immediately.

Friends – “The One With George Stephanopolous”

This is an excellent season one episode of Friends, and one of the first instances where we see the three girls together. Also, * slow clap * for the costume design because it is perfect. (P.S. I’m always a Phoebe, clothing-wise.) This episode centers around the girls making margaritas and ordering a pizza (that ends up belonging to George Stephanopolous) and discussing life.

As with lots of nights that begin with margaritas, the conversation quickly takes a turn when Rachel is lamenting the state of her life and Phoebe says she doesn’t even have a “pla” – let alone a “plan.” It’s great to watch them really relate to each other and discuss where their lives are headed and it’s an episode I still relate to currently (probably too much).

Parks & Recreation – “Galentine’s Day”

Leslie goes through something we’ve probably all experienced at one point or another: her best friend is moving away. I’d actually argue that there are lots of advantages (or at least ways to enjoy) the fact that you don’t live in the same place as your BFF —postcards are fun and you can buy the same clothes knowing you won’t wear them together. Anyway, in a panic over losing her best friend, Leslie throws a Galentine’s Day where she basically interviews several Pawnee residents to see who can fill in as her new BFF.

Obviously, this isn’t a way to figure out best friendships, which Leslie soon learns. She goes and visits Ann and her new baby and realizes that she and Ann didn’t become friends through any of these means and it’s just a nice moment with the two pals.

30 Rock – “The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell”

Jenna and Liz don’t always have the best relationship (no doy) BUT there is something charming about these two long-time friends. In this episode, Jenna, as always, is being crazy and Liz finally has enough and goes out in search of a new best friend with a name like “Sam.”

Jenna spends time with other celebrities like Knob Kardashian and Liz finds someone exactly like herself. Thus teaching Liz Lemon and all of us the ultimate lesson: you can’t be EXACTLY the same as your best friend. Duh. Their reconciliation at the end is one of my favorite things of all time. “Man, do my feet hurt in heels sometimes and other things women talk about.”

Broad City – “The Last Supper”

And one of the most promising TV female friendships right now is on Broad City. IS IT TIME FOR IT TO COME BACK YET?!

In the season one finale, “Last Supper,” Abbi and Ilana go out to a very fancy restaurant for Abbi’s 26th birthday. I love how out of place they are (we’ve all been there), but still impressed by this restaurant. Everything goes wrong, including Ilana having an allergic reaction, but really, everything goes right. They’re all each other needs. It’s the perfect culmination of the season where we got to know these friends and I just can’t wait for next season.

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