Bill Murray is a legend for many reasons. Not only is he quite the fine comedian and actor, but his tendency to crash random parties and appear in random places has truly helped him seal the title of “Coolest Guy Ever”.

His most recent party crash was a bachelor party at a steakhouse in Charleston, S.C., where he not only shocked the guests, but gave some wise, improvised advice to the groom-to-be.

You might have caught the video on HelloGiggles already – but here it is again, just in case you missed it.

Even better, that speech happened after Bill originally declined to join the festivities. He said no, changed his mind, and produced gold. That Bill. What a wildcard.

Bill’s spontaneous crashings have become so celebrated, that fictional stories often pop up. It’s hard to differentiate between fact and fiction, since in all honesty? They all could have happened.

Here are a few of the (proven) times Bill Murray was the life of the party.

1. He attended a random student party, and washed all of the dishes.

Back in 2006, Bill was in Scotland for a celebrity golf event. At the Ma Bells bar, Bill met a student named Lykke Stavnev, from St. Andrews. Lykke invited him to her party, and he accepted the invitation. Students who were in attendance claimed that Bill was happy to drink vodka from a coffee cup, and was a gentleman with helping out with party clean-up after the alcohol ran dry.

2. Bill went behind the bar during SXSW and served drinks with the Wu-Tang Clan.

Back in 2010, both Bill and RZA crashed the bar while the bartender was on a break, and served drinks to the crowd. However, Bill didn’t really pay attention to customer demand – regardless of what they ordered, he served them tequila. Personally, I’d be honored to drink something I have little to no tolerance for if it was handed to me by a real-life Ghostbuster.

3. He hangs out at Brooklyn Halloween parties.

Back in 2008, Bill was at the MGMT Halloween show. Sure, he was chatting up young ladies (and — come on, he was trying to rebound from a divorce!) but he wasn’t being inappropriate. In fact, he was helping the guests clean up old beer bottles.

“I personally feel like the only thing he’s doing wrong — so long as his work doesn’t start to suffer — is hanging out with bands like MGMT,” stated Whitney Pastorek from Entertainment Weekly.

4. He crashes karaoke.

A famous Bill Murray scene from Lost In Translation is when Bill and Scarlett Johansson sing karaoke together, in a small enclosed room. Turns out, Bill enjoys karaoke off screen as well.

A fan stated that they invited Bill to sing with them, and about fifteen minutes later, he decided to accept the invitation. “The high point was when Bill and I sang a duet of an Elvis song called, ‘Marie’s the Name,'” the fan said. “Random I know, but so was the night. We were all drinking and dancing and screaming our asses off.”

5. He crashes kickball games.

It was a simple afternoon, when Chris DiLella and his fellow kickballers were playing a game in a field on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. Then, things got a bit more interesting. According to Chris, Bill ‘popped out of nowhere’ and began interacting with the players. “He was bouncing the ball… ran over to second base. Played for a bit… Gave us all high-fives and let us pose with him in the picture,” DiLella stated in an interview after his picture went viral.

6. He crashes construction sites, to read some sweet poetry.

Back in 2009, Bill showed up at a construction site in Manhattan, where Poet’s House — a 60,000-volume poetry library in New York City — was being built.

Bill read ‘Poet’s Work’ by Lorine Niedecker and ‘I dwell in possibility’ by Emily Dickinson, and made sure to keep it comical. Reporters state that after the building was completed, members of the construction team joined Bill for the first official poetry reading at the location.

Have you ever spotted Bill Murray? Even if you haven’t had your own personal experiences with him, can you agree that he’s one of the most intriguing actors out there?

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