The best photos are the ones you didn’t see on the Cannes red carpet

The Cannes film festival is underway in the city of, well, Cannes. It’s basically a really long film festival in the south of France that attracts some of Hollywood’s most prestigious actors and most gorgeous models. It’s like the Oscars meets the Met Gala and while the red carpet photos are beautiful to look at, it’s all about what’s happening behind the scenes. Who was on a yacht? What did Blake Lively eat for breakfast? How does Kendall Jenner get ready?! WE MUST KNOW!

Here’s what everyone did when they stepped off the red carpet:

Blake Lively posed by a bird while wearing a sundress.

And then covered a plate of nail polish in whipped cream for some reason?

Bella Hadid hit up a yacht with one of her friends after red carpet duties.

Kate Hudson smiled daintily with a yellow balloon.

Salma Hayek, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna had ALL THE FUN!

Paris Hilton laid on a table, because, sure?

Katy Perry was caught on Snapchat having fun at an after party.

Mischa Barton showed off her glam sesh before she hit up the festival.

Kendall Jenner got her makeup done before her red carpet walk.


Kendall Jenner also partied with Scott Disick and some random bros at an after party.


Lily-Rose Depp selfied in the car before the festival.

Chloe Sevigny just casually licked Salma Hayek’s neck.

Kate Hudson hung out on a boat and took cool pics.

And finally, Blake Lively snapped behind-the-scenes selfies.