Laura Kadner
Updated Jul 01, 2014 @ 7:54 am

When I saw Sia’s Chandelier video, I was blown away by the crazy amazing dancing girl, Maddie Ziegler. Ziegler was already a star on the reality series Dance Moms when she was tapped (via Twitter) to play a miniature dancing Sia in a video that’s now been viewed by over 45 million people. Did I mention that she’s only 11? Kids these days. . . are so talented. There’s no limit to what they can do, especially when accompanied by an awesome song. Whether they’re dancing their hearts out, flexing their awesome acting skills, or just being spectacularly cute, kids plus music videos equals awesome. Here’s some proof:

Sia – “Chandelier”

The aforementioned crazy amazing dancing girl. She carries this whole video on her tiny acrobatic shoulders and she rocks it.

Notorious B.I.G. ft 112 – “Sky’s the Limit”

Little kids take center stage under the direction of Spike Jonze. Slightly strange to see children gettin’ down in the club, but ultimately a success.

Black Keys – “Tighten Up”

Miniature hipsters? In a love triangle? You really can’t go wrong.

M83 – “Midnight City”

Kids with super powers blow our minds in this mini-cinematic masterpiece.

CeeLo – “Forget You”

This retro heartbreak features some of the cutest kids on the block.

Missy Elliott – “Work It”

Wait for it, but eventually we have some crazy amazing dancing children working it in this video.

Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

You can’t not like this punk kid.