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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Tina Fey’s latest comedic offering, is unsurprisingly full of running jokes, physical comedy, and 30 Rock style absurdity.

The plot centers around Kimmy Schmidt, a 30-something woman who was kept underground in a bunker for 15 years, now trying to make up for lost time in New York City. The show puts a high premium on jokes-per-minute, and with this fast pace, it’s easy to miss some of the quick one-liners. Between Kimmy’s dated lingo, her roommate Titus’ inventive nicknames, and the satirical skewering of New York City’s elite, there is plenty of room for some rapid-fire witticisms (and for us to wonder, “Who are these people, and when can we hang out?!”) Here are our favorite top 10 zingers from Season 2.

Titus: “Get in sync, Kimberlake, I gotta go get divorced.”


Thank you Titus for using a reference Kim can understand! And 10 points to Gryffindor for “Kimberlake.”

Lillian: “I’m a great wingman — men find me very approachable because my eyes are large and my hair is like beautiful spaghetti.”

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Who’s afraid of Lillian Kaushtupper?

Titus: “Titus Andromedon. You may know me from my attendance at such films as Must Love Dogs, and the first 20 minutes of Interstellar.”

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Oooooh, sick Interstellar burn. Also: #famous

Kimmy:Giving up isn’t my jam. My jams are grape, jock, and space.”

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Kimmy tellin’ it like it is. Space Jam 4eva.

Lillian: “You think I’m crazy just because they named that disorder after me, but this time I’m right.”

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Please send theories re: “Lillian Disorder” (immunity to asbestos?!)

Deirdre Robespierre: “I haven’t felt this alive since I left the State Department. You know, I faked the Saddam capture – he’s still out there.”

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Anna Camp does upper-class crazy like no one else.

Andrea Bayden: “Well, I’m sorry you had a kickass adventure. And met a dog.”

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Tina Fey can be my drunk therapist anytime.

Russ Snyder: “I’m sorry, I’ve been burned before and I was recently engaged to what turned out to be a hologram controlled by a Turkish hacker.”

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Jacqueline’s new love interest has a tale straight outta #Tindernightmares.

Titus: “I have been exploited in the past – I once went to an open audition that was just a bum fight.”

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It’s competitive out there, man.

Titus: “You need my ex-box — this is where I keep all the junk that was left here by heartbroken exes: part-time lovers, Amish boys on Rumspringa, and So Ahn, a contortionist with the Korean national circus.”

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I bet So Ahn left some awesome stuff behind.

Thanks Kimmy and pals, we’re still totally LOL-ing.