Rachel Paige
Updated December 17, 2014 7:48 am

Remember: holidays are for family time. You might be thinking, “hey, I thought it was a time for no school and tons of presents” and it is! But it’s also family time. December is the month to go home, enjoy those tasty holiday meals, and all those distant relatives — even if you do have to navigate a minefield of “but why aren’t you married yet?” questions. But you know what? Families are complicated! They drive each other insane, they make each other laugh, they make each other incredibly angry, and (yes) they even fill each other with a lot of love.

Even fake families drive each other insane (and all the other good stuff too). Driving each other crazy is like the #1 rule of being a family on TV or in the movies — it also makes them SO much fun to watch and SO much fun to fantasize about being a part of.

So, if you can sneak away from Grandma’s relationship inquisition for a few hours, here are some of the best fictional families that we’d love to spend a late December afternoon with. They might distract you from the craziness going on in your own house, but more likely they’ll make you appreciate your own family’s hilarity even more.

The Dunphys, Modern Family

Any family that will willingly don ugly sweaters for the thrill of it, is a family I want to hang out with. You know there will be some very tame hijinks going down at the Dunphys, and you’re bound to get even more excitement when the rest of the relatives show up. Phil is one of the funniest dads on TV, and I’d stick around for second helpings just to see what kind of trouble he causes. And with Haley, Alex, and Luke around you’ve got all your major sibling categories covered (I’m totally a Luke).

The Weasleys, Harry Potter Series

First off, showing up for Christmas at the Weasleys means you’re probably going to get your own monogrammed sweater. It might be too big and super itchy, but I imagine a Molly Weasley sweater is knitted with so much love the itch factor fades rather fast. The Weasley family is also huge, so you’ll never feel alone over the holidays . . . ever. Bonus points if you get to spend some time at The Burrow, which is on my Top Ten list of fictional places to visit.

The Bluths, Arrested Development

Bluth parties can get kinda crazy you guys — aside from the fact that this family is already teetering on the edge of pure insanity. Even though these adult siblings are often at each other’s throats, sometimes literally, they really know how to throw a killer holiday party. And I imagine gift giving is nothing short of magical (you know, with gifts like doves, The Cornballers, bikes, frozen bananas, etc.).

The Bravermans, Parenthood

You desperately want to be a Braverman, admit it. Everyone’s favorite Northern California family certainly has it’s ups and downs, but no matter what they stick together. And of course you also want nothing more than to have dinner at their beautiful outdoor table just once, and it’ll be even better if it’s decorated for Christmas. If you’re someone who’s right in-between the adult and kid table, you’ll never be in short supply of company because I imagine after all these years Crosby is still forced to sit with the little ones.

The Griswalds, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Come for the egg nog in Wally World moose cups, stay for the impressive house lights rigged up outside with a little help from basically everyone. While you might not necessarily want to be a true blood relative of the Griswalds, you do want to watch their holidays slowly devolve like a slow moving train wreck. Plus it’s so darn fun to visit them.

The Lannisters, Game of Thrones

Tell me you wouldn’t pay a pretty penny to watch the power hungry Lannister family try to sit down for a festive holiday dinner. I think we all know how this Game of Thrones family holiday would go though: there would be lots of bickering, name calling, finger pointing, and someone would probably be put on trial by the end of the night. But it would be fun while it lasted! (Be warned: a White Elephant present swap with them could turn ugly really fast.)

The Gilmores, Gilmore Girls

I’m not just thinking a quiet holiday evening with Lorelai and Rory — I want a big holiday party with Emily and Richard Gilmore, too. And I want everything done to the nines. Watching Lorelai interact with her parents is always a treat, if only because they clearly came from completely different planets. I want to sit at that big giant table in the Gilmore mansion. I want Emily to give Lorelai the silent treatment while Lorelai talks 10,000 words per minute. I want Richard dressed up as Santa. I want Rory interjecting with witticisms. That’s the holiday party I’ve dreamed of for years.

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