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Everybody who celebrates Christmas has their own way of going about the holiday. It could be about presents, family, travel, or even just sleep. However we celebrate, there’s one thing we all can’t resist: turning to social media to show the world our families, presents, and holiday outfits. This also means it’s easy to check in on how our favorite celebs do Christmas as well. On Instagram, we found a plethora of hilarious, beautiful, and heartwarming posts by our favorite artists and personalities that prove that the Christmas season really is all around.

Taylor Swift’s Christmas cheer and affinity for puns are just two of the thousands of reasons why we love her.

Looks like North West has a promising future as a makeup artist.

Okay, we’re officially jealous of Zendaya’s Christmas (minus the dog pee).

This is probably the best Christmas card we’ll ever get.

Lucy Hale reminds us that this holiday is all about family.


Sometimes the “littlest” things are what make Christmas so special.

Of course, Christmas can also be one big party.

If we got such awesome books, we’d have to brag about them too.

We hope this is a hilarious annual family tradition.

Bindi keeps it real, using Christmas as a reminder to appreciate everything around her.

Happiest holidays, to all the celebs and non-celebs-but-still-amazingly-awesome-people alike!

(Images via Instagram)