Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 21, 2015 @ 6:56 am

Go ahead, try saying “Benedict Cumberbatch” three times really fast. How’d that go for you? The challenge is real, and deserved. As late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, pointed out, Cumberbatch “might be one of the greatest names ever given to a human being.” Agreed, and BC wears it well. But what if his name wasn’t Benedict Cumberbatch?

Kimmel enlisted the actor to introduce himself — at a bar, of course — but with a whole assortment of different names, like “Chad,” “2 Chainz,” “George Costanza,” “Al Roker” and most importantly, “The Hamburglar.” It’s kind of amazing. But let’s be real: I’m pretty sure we would let him buy us a drink, no matter what name he’s going by.

We’re also just happy to watch him talk. See for yourself:

Image via here.