Rachel Paige
Updated December 05, 2014 7:43 am

Big news for our internet boyfriend: Benedict Cumberbatch has officially been cast as Doctor Strange for Marvel’s movie of the same name! Rumors have been swirling about his involvement for a while, but it was finally confirmed and there was a collective cheer from just about everyone.

Who’s Doctor Strange? Basically, he’s a ridiculously powerful sorcerer who can travel through different dimensions, like it’s no big deal. The movies producer, and Marvel president, Kevin Feige, said “[Doctor] Strange’s story requires an actor capable of great depth and sincerity.” Who better for that role than our beloved Benedict?

This will simply be another memorable role in the long list of roles we already love him for. While we’ve still got a long ways to wait till the movie hits — November 4th, 2016, to be exact — let’s remember all the roles that made us fall in love with Benedict in the first place.

Sherlock, Sherlock

Sherlock is basically the role Cumberbatch was born to play (besides the upcoming Doctor Strange), so it’s fitting that it’s the role he’s most well known for. He’s completely made the character his own, while still staying true to the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle character. The biggest bummer is simply having to wait so long in between Sherlock seasons. Every season should be Sherlock season.

Smaug, The Hobbit

Benedict lends his voice to the dragon in the Lone Mountain, and it’s a voice that just drips with every words he speaks. And not only did he voice the role, but Benedict did the motion capture for it as well. Bonus points for the fact that he’s along side his Sherlock counterpart, Martin Freeman, who plays the hobbit, Bilbo.

Khan, Star Trek Into Darkness

How about a role as the bad guy? Perfection. Benedict played the iconic Star Trek villain, Khan, and there was a fight scene that took place on top of a flying space craft which was pretty awesome.

Shakespeare EVERYTHING

Aw man, do I really love a guy who can seamlessly transition into a Shakespearian role like its nothing. Cumberbatch has played a handful of roles all across the stage, including the Shakespearian-esque role in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. This was all part of the National Theater, where he also played Victor Frankenstein.

His role in the Ice Bucket Challenge

I think it’s perfectly cool for us to still talk about the IBC months later, because it was for a good cause and because some of these videos are fabulous. Cumberbatch’s falls into that fabulous category. He does it in a suit!

Alan Rickman, The Simpsons

OK, let’s all agree that whoever meets Cumberbatch first has to ask him to do his Alan Rickman impression because it is scarily spot on.

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