benedict cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston walk into a bar . . . no, that could never happen, because the universe would probably implode at the amount of suave swagger and charisma concentrated in one point. But Cumberbatch, Elba, and Hiddleston in one trailer? Done, in the form of BBC One’s fall and winter season showcase.

Proving once again that Britain is unfairly winning the cross-Atlantic pop culture sweepstakes, the three actors showcase both their native accents and their new, BBC-only projects (Sherlock‘s Victorian Christmas special, the last season of dark detective drama Luther, and The Night Manager, respectively). The bits and pieces of their performances are scattered amidst promos for reality TV shows, Doctor Who, Tracey Ullman’s return to the BBC (her show was where The Simpsons first debuted), and other uber-UK fare like David Attenborough’s latest nature special, but it’s worth watching the entire reel just because it’s a fascinating look at the types of shows being pushed across the pond.

Another notable face and voice: None other than House himself. Hugh Laurie, whose native Britishness was totally obscured on his star turn as the original Dark Doctor, acts alongside Hiddleston in The Night Manager. Alas, in the reel he’s a little outshone by his compatriot’s pool scene. (You read that right.)

No point in delaying anymore: Watch the BBC One reel below. And while the Brits get it all this winter, we’ll definitely be catching up (or streaming along) just about everything being featured.

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