The pictures made a HUGE splash when they emerged last month at Cannes, but now Bella Thorne has addressed those Scott Disick snaps, and she got *super* real about the whole situation.

The actor and singer sat down with Complex, and during the interview, she spilled all the tea about what happened at Cannes, opened up about her sexuality, and spoke about her career aspirations.

First, Bella Thorne was quizzed about those paparazzi shots that appeared to show her and Scott Disick (of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame) getting nice and friendly while partying together at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Thorne has previously taken to Twitter to refute the rumors that the pair were an item, but she’s now gone one step further and let the world hear her full story.

“I throw a lot of house parties, and that’s how I meet these people,” Thorne explained to Complex. “They come to my house party and they’re like, ‘Yo, I heard you’re having a party,’ and I’m just like, ‘Okay, French Montana. Hi, French.’ That’s how I met Scott — he came to a house party of mine [with French] and I was like ‘hi.'”

While Disick and Thorne became friendly, their time together was nothing more than that: friendly. In fact, Thorne cut short their time together.

Thorne then broke down what was happening in those pictures where it appeared that Disick was grabbing her breast.

“Honestly, my nipple came out of my bikini and he tried to fix it for me and it looks like he’s grabbing my boob,” she explained. “That’s very nice of you to actually not sit there and stare at my nipple because my boobs are big — they come out of my shirt all the time! You can’t keep those suckers down.”

Thorne also spoke about what it was like coming out as bisexual, and explained that the response she gets from fans outweighs the trolling online.

“A lot of people come up to me on the street and tell me I’ve changed their life in some way. It is so fucking dope when somebody’s like, ‘Hey, I have dyslexia, you make me feel more comfortable,’ or, ‘I’ve been bullied and you help,’ or ‘I’m bisexual and I can come out to my parents,’” she said. “The hatred online is worth this — because on the other side of the hatred is the positive side, and it is so fucking awesome.”

While Bella Thorne doesn’t need to clear up anything about her life, we love that she isn’t afraid to go on the record and express herself. We love how free-spirited and genuine she is, and more power to her!