Shaunna Murphy
January 06, 2017 2:34 pm
Instagram/Bella Thorne

Though celebrities — and the teams of magical elves who work on them day and night — often make it seem like they woke up like this, Bella Thorne, acne and all, is always here to remind us that making the face of a celebrity takes a village. And that, despite what anyone says or thinks to the alternative, there is nothing, nothing wrong with having “imperfect” skin.

Thorne, who once said her insecurities surrounding her acne were so bad she “didn’t step out of the house,” is clearly feeling differently about the situation in 2017. On Friday, January 6th, she posted a gorgeous selfie in the car, rocking not only her septum piercing but some refreshingly real skin.

And of course, she looks gorgeous — but even more importantly, she feels that way.

Thorne once told Popsugar that her representation told her she wasn’t getting roles because of her skin, as people think “that you must not take care of yourself … because you have acne.” Her attitude towards this, refreshingly, has always been to talk openly about the pressure to be “perfect” in Hollywood instead of slathering her skin with unholy amounts of product, or photoshopping the crap out of her face … which is great, because Thorne is 19 years old, and having an oily T-zone is a pretty damn common occurrence during one’s teen years.

That Thorne continues to be so honest about her skin struggles with her fanbase has got to be helpful to the countless teens who look up to her; many of whom are undoubtedly struggling with acne themselves. We’re so glad said teens have her as a mentor, and can’t wait to see her embrace her own skin even more in 2017.