Shaunna Murphy
March 02, 2017 6:59 am

Usually when you run into an ex, the laws of the universe make it so you’re doing something embarrassing, like buying acne medication.

However, the laws of the universe don’t apply to demigoddesses Gigi and Bella Hadid. So when the latter ran into her ex-boyfriend — Abel Makkonen “The Weeknd” Tesfaye — at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday night, she looked gorgeous, glamorous, and glowingly happy. And better yet, she was literally hand-in-hand with her sister in case anything went wrong.

This, my friends, is undoubtedly the ideal scenario for running into an ex-significant other.

“That look you give your sister and she just knows,” Senior Fashion Editor Nikki Ogunnaike captioned her video of the run-in, taken at H&M’s fashion show.

Yeah, these two definitely need to write Running Into Your Ex For Dummies.

Because while most of us will never know what it was like to be born into extreme wealth with supermodel features, many of us will know what it’s like to have our hearts broken. Many of us will know what it’s like to have to see someone who hurt us in a professional setting, like Bella did when H&M hired The Weeknd to create his own fashion line.

We, much like Bella, can’t always avoid our exes entirely — especially when we share friends or work in a similar field. But we can learn from her example, walking with our heads high and grabbing on to a loved one to make uncomfortable situations go down a whole lot better.