Behind the Scenes of Love You, Mean It: Ed Goes Down Under

As the Head Researcher on Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings –my job can be pretty eclectic and wacky. On any given Wednesday, I might be asked to do something somewhat out of the ordinary, like lay underneath my boss’s desk while she swishes celebrity liquors.

As an O.G. HelloGiggles writer, it’s always fun to pay homage to brilliant, powerful, beautiful women shining bright like diamonds in the sky (or on television); and when those luminous diamonds bring you joy and laughter–all the better! Case in point: Whitney Cummings-star of Whitney and Love You, Mean It, my boss, and Molly McAleer, gifted television writer and HelloGiggles cofounder.

Tonight at 10:30pm on E!, both of these boss-ladies will come together for 30 minutes of giggles, girl talk, and sound-offs. To better show y’all what I’m talking about, allow me to take you behind the scenes and show you just how fun it is working for a comedy sniper (and postmodern queen) like Whitney Cummings.

And just in case you guys forgot (from approximately two sentences ago), Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings airs on E! at 10:30pm every Wednesday. Feel free to tweet at WhitneyMollyme, or Love You, Mean It (hashtag #LYMI) to tell us just how much you love the show (and how much you mean it)!