laurie hernandez
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Laurie Hernandez – Olympic Gold medalist, all-American sweetheart, and best friend in our head. Plus, her Instagram account gives us life.

And now that our girl is taking a breather from collecting medals and handing out moonmen at the VMAs, she’s giving us a peek at the awesomeness that is her turn on the Dancing with the Stars stage.

“Tuesday afternoon jam sesh” indeed. It’s a given Laurie has moves – and backflips and somersaults – for days, but watching her laugh and live in the moment as she gets down with dance partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy gives us an all new appreciation for her.

Sometimes the best way to move through life is up on our feet, dancing and enjoying everything and everyone around us. Even if we look more like this:

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And say less like this:

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Now’s a good time to turn up a jam and rock out – but not where your boss can see you! And if you’re worried about how you might look, just take a page from the book of Laurie: confidence is everything.