Jill Layton
March 14, 2017 12:32 pm

As we get closer to the theatrical release of Beauty and the Beast, the actors are taking on even more press — and we are certainly not complaining. This led Josh Gad and Luke Evans to play “Who’s More Likely To” when they stopped by Mashable and, yes, it’s as hilarious as you’d imagine it to be.

In Disney’s live-action remake, Evans plays Gaston, Belle’s suitor, who of course is extremely handsome and chauvinistic. And Gad plays LeFou, Gaston’s trusty sidekick. Both characters are hilarious and do ridiculous things like eat a dozen raw eggs every morning (well, Gaston does…LeFou doesn’t really seem like the type).

But the pressing question is — do Evans and Gad also do ridiculous things IRL?

Good thing Mashable decided to ask them, because the results are pretty funny. Once seated in the Mashable hot seat, the actors took on the “Who’s More Likely To” challenge. They answered questions like “Who’s more likely to chase a girl around town?”, “Who’s more likely to start a sword fight at a pub?”, and “Who’s more likely to break into a castle?”

Think you know the answers? Find out for yourself and check out the hilarity:

And just to get you even more excited about the movie, the NYC premiere of Beauty and the Beast happened on Monday night, and Gad posted a video of the most incredible orchestra.

He wrote, “Highlight of last night’s #beautyandthebeast NYC premiere was the amazing live orchestra playing the overture led by the great #michaelkosarin”

Beauty and the Beast — finally! — hits theaters on March 17th!