Leonora Epstein
Updated November 15, 2016 9:52 am
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1. The latin text on the stained glass window in the opening scene reads “vincit qui se vincit” translates to “he conquers who conquers himself.”

2. There’s a hidden Mickey on top of the enchanted rose’s glass case. See it? It’s upside-down.

3. Kind of a random detail, but maybe you never noticed — when the movie starts out, it’s fall in Belle’s village.

4. Animators dressed Belle in blue so she would stand out — she’s the only one in the village who wears the color.

5. Most of the signs in the village are in French — except the book store, shown as “bookseller” in English.

6. But the book Belle reads in the town square is in French.

7. Here’s a question we’ve asked ourselves before: Are these three women who look/dress alike? Or are they actually related? (Side note: They’re called “The Bimbettes.”)


8. When Belle’s father is lost in the woods, he glances up at a sign, which, if you look really closely, points towards Anaheim. Aka, where Disneyland is!

9. The timeline isn’t quite right. On the day Belle’s father leaves, it’s warm enough for people to be outside without coats. This scene — clearly snowy and wintery — would be that evening after Belle has gone to rescue her father from the Beast’s castle. (Maybe global warming exists in Disney movies too?)

10. Gaston flips the chess board over this man makes a move, but where the man places his rook wouldn’t result in a checkmate.

11. There are lions used as a decorative motif all throughout the castle.

12. Could these bookends possibly be a nod to King Triton from The Little Mermaid?