1. The latin text on the stained glass window in the opening scene reads “vincit qui se vincit” translates to “he conquers who conquers himself.”

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2. There’s a hidden Mickey on top of the enchanted rose’s glass case. See it? It’s upside-down.


3. Kind of a random detail, but maybe you never noticed — when the movie starts out, it’s fall in Belle’s village.


4. Animators dressed Belle in blue so she would stand out — she’s the only one in the village who wears the color.


5. Most of the signs in the village are in French — except the book store, shown as “bookseller” in English.


6. But the book Belle reads in the town square is in French.

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7. Here’s a question we’ve asked ourselves before: Are these three women who look/dress alike? Or are they actually related? (Side note: They’re called “The Bimbettes.”)

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8. When Belle’s father is lost in the woods, he glances up at a sign, which, if you look really closely, points towards Anaheim. Aka, where Disneyland is!
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9. The timeline isn’t quite right. On the day Belle’s father leaves, it’s warm enough for people to be outside without coats. This scene — clearly snowy and wintery — would be that evening after Belle has gone to rescue her father from the Beast’s castle. (Maybe global warming exists in Disney movies too?)

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10. Gaston flips the chess board over this man makes a move, but where the man places his rook wouldn’t result in a checkmate.

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11. There are lions used as a decorative motif all throughout the castle.
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12. Could these bookends possibly be a nod to King Triton from The Little Mermaid?
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