Rachel Paige
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 10:47 am
beauty and the beast
Credit: Disney, Build-A-Bear Workshop

If you’re looking for the cutest, and cuddliest, way to celebrate the upcoming live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, look no further than Build-A-Bear Workshop. Ahead of the movie’s release next month, the go-to spot to create-your-own-teddy bear is rolling out both a beauty and a beast bear, and HelloGiggles has the first adorable look at them.

Say bonjour to your new favorite go-to stuffed friend.

Both bears are inspired by their animated — and now, live-action — counterparts up on the big screen. The Belle bear has gold and yellow sparkly fur to match her ~iconic~ golden-yellow dress. She’s also got a gold rose on her foot, to pair with the Beauty and the Beast logo on the other. If you need her to have a REAL rose, you can snag a (stuffed) one for her, too. But don’t let the petals fall off!!

Credit: Build-A-Bear Workshop

As for the Beast (aka, the Bear Prince in disguise) he’s got rich, brown fur and two horns on his head. He might look scary, but come on, you know you love him — just look at his piercing blue eyes! On his foot, he’s got his enchanted castle on one paw, and the Beaty and the Beast logo on the other.

Credit: Build-A-Bear Workshop

While the live-action movie won’t hit theaters until March 17th, you can claim these enchanting bears for yourself starting today, as they land in Build-A-Bear Workshop stores across the country and online, in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Both bears are available simply as-is, without their formal wear. But, you’re going to need their bear necessities, which in this case, happen to be formal wear. The Belle-inspired Bear retails for $25.50, and Beast for $28. As for their outfits, both are sold separately for $18 a piece. The time you’ll spend snuggling with them is priceless (and, a cuddly tale as old as time).