Renee Colvert
Updated March 19, 2017 10:25 am
Jack of all Genius/

There is a new front-runner for the BBC Dad parodies sure to delight everyone, especially Star Wars fans. By now, you’ve no doubt watched the original BBC dad interview upwards of 100 times, and every subsequent interview at least 50 times. And you’ve probably declared Marion Kelly your personal “swagger” role model.

To review, Robert Kelly, a professor of international relations at Pusan National University in South Korea, was doing an interview for the BBC about the impeachment of the South Korean president…when things begin to go awry.

If somehow you missed it, here’s the video again.

It’s no surprise the parodies are rolling in. The video is pretty epic. Last week, we saw how a mom would have handled the situation.

And today we get to see how Darth Vader would cope with some lovable intruders.

Appropriately named, Jack of All Genius, is the YouTuber behind this recent Star Wars parody. Darth Vader is trying to have a chat with Emperor Palpatine about squashing the Rebellion, when R2-D2 stumbles in followed closely by BB-8.

A Star Wars stickler might balk, “Actually, it should have been little baby Luke and little baby Leia.” And, they wouldn’t be wrong since technically Luke and Leia would be an accurate brother/sister analogy.

But, once you get past the accuracy of who is bursting through the door, everyone can agree it’s pretty hilarious.

Don’t worry, Princess Leia does get a cameo as the mom who drags the “kids” out of the room. You can’t help but laugh as the troublemaking droids slosh back and forth entering and exiting the room. BB-8 is particularly hilarious as he “talks back” with his classic beeps and boops. And one of the sounds is definitely pretty close to the words, “Uh oh!”

The video ends perfectly with Darth Vader apologizing for the disruption and waving his hand towards the door to close it with the force of parental exasperation. This is definitely one of the funniest parodies in all the galaxies far and away.