Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 17, 2015 @ 10:52 am

If you’re someone who can’t possibly wait until until 2016 for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, there’s good news for you. There’s finally a trailer for the highly anticipated movie! OK, it’s a super grainy leaked version of the trailer, but it’s a trailer nonetheless. It’s dark, brooding, and intense. It’s everything we could ever hope for with Batman and Superman together, so this is going to make the wait until 2016 even harder.

On April 20th, there’s a planned big IMAX reveal of the trailer in select theaters around the country. But like all highly anticipated trailers, it managed to make its way onto the Internet late Thursday night (don’t feel bad about this, Batman vs. Superman. The same thing happened to The Avengers not that long ago.). The leaked trailer is a video recording of the real trailer, probably taken by someone’s phone, and also it’s subtitled in Portuguese. (Just want to remind everyone that movie piracy is bad, and you can go to jail because of it.)

Now let’s talk about Bruce and Clark. The trailer starts off with a lot of voice over action, and lots of images of Superman doing super-human things. I think we’re also getting images of Batman, too, but it’s super dark. And while you’re busy trying to figure out if it is Batman or not, then BOOM. Ben Affleck as Batman (which, is also very dark and grainy, because this is a leaked trailer).

The trailer doesn’t describe anything about the plot, but does give us some scenes of explosions, along with the Batmobile in action. We also hear Affleck’s gruff Batman ask Superman if he bleeds, to which Batman then responds, “You will.” Whoa. There’s something going down between these two.

While it’s hard to see many things about the trailer, we do catch a glimpse of what Batman will look like in the movie. BuzzFeed points out that this new Batman looks a lot like Lego Batman, and we can’t deny the similarities. At least it’s not the George Clooney Batman with the odd nipple suit.

Hopefully with this leaked trailer (watch it here!), a real official trailer won’t be too far behind.

Images via here and here.