January 06, 2015 5:00 am

Bao Bao loves the snow so much she is hugging it! The giant panda and her mother Mei Xiang had the BEST time rolling around and playing in the fresh powdery snow yesterday at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. While it looks like it was a big deal for both of them, this was little Bao Bao’s very first time experiencing the icy white goodness and she doesn’t hold back. Watching them play, you can feel the happiness. From Smithsonian National Zoo:

As the year’s first blanket of snow coated the Washington, D.C. area today, giant panda Bao Bao spent much of the morning playing in it for the very first time. The sixteen month-old panda cub tumbled down the hill in her outdoor enclosure, climbed trees and pounced on her mother Mei Xiang. Our great cats, seals and wolves also enjoyed the wintry weather.

Baby Bao has never seen snow because pandas are an endangered species and she is part of a large conservation effort to keep giant pandas on our planet. Bao Bao was born at Smithsonian National Zoo over a year ago and has been watched over almost 24 hours a day to make sure she, and other pandas, have any many more snow days to share.

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