Carly Lane
Updated Feb 26, 2015 @ 7:29 am

It’s impossible not to hear the name Banksy without thinking about his famed works of art. The graffiti artist and social activist, whose true identity has been unknown for several years, operates under a pseudonym and leaves his artwork not on a canvas, but on public surfaces. He is well-known for his street art, which combines a unique kind of humor and a distinct social commentary. It’s difficult to say whether Banksy’s real name will ever be revealed – but the impact of his artwork will always be felt.

Now, another artist has come along with his own take on Banksy’s famous street art. Photographer Jeff Friesen has created an original series cleverly titled “Bricksy”, where he recreates Banksy’s graffiti style using LEGO bricks. Pretty cool, right?

Each photo contains a smaller picture of the Banksy original in the upper left or right-hand corner so you can see just how accurate these charming homages are. All of them are on Friesen’s official website (and he’s selling print versions!), but we’ve included just a couple of our favorites here.

Maybe this is a sign of things to come? We’d love to see more LEGO recreations of some famous art pieces.

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