Jill Layton
March 29, 2016 10:01 am

Banana peels are known to be one of the many dangers of the world. All of the characters in “Mario Kart” are constantly crashing because of them. The O’Doyle family in Billy Madison hit a banana peel and drove off a cliff. And now kids all over the Internet are participating in the #BananaPeelChallenge.

The challenge is similar to the ice bucket challenge, except less cold water and donating money to charities, and more falling and getting injured.

It all started when Jason Oakes wanted to see what would happen if he stepped on a banana peel. Would he slip and fall like characters do in cartoons? Spoiler alert… yes, yes he would. Oakes took a video of himself trying out his own challenge, and it has since been retweeted almost 90,000 times.

People obviously love a good banana peel fall. Which is exactly why it’s been redone over and over again by curious teens. Would they slip on a banana peel as well? Spoiler alert… yes, yes they would.

Yeah. “This is so dumb” pretty much sums it up.