Natalia Lusinski
Updated August 20, 2016

The Democratic National Convention was chock full of memorable speeches, but we bet you haven’t seen, or heard, anything like this.

Bad Lip Reading took the DNC speeches and merged them into a five-minute video, complete with speakers saying all kinds of things none of us have probably heard them say before — because we haven’t. Yep, they put words into their mouths — literally — but it looks so real, you’ll have to remind yourself it’s make-believe.

It’s too funny to ignore, so watch rn.

For instance, you’ll hear Chelsea Clinton giving a “Shoutout to my crew!” and Bernie Sanders talking about “gluten face and nature danger” and Hillary Clinton saying, “Two cheers for all the tears of my manservants.”

Democratic National Convention / NBC /

Plus, Michelle Obama makes a Game of Thrones reference, “reporting a dragon or two.” Even Alicia Keys’s performance is a victim of Bad Lip Reading (and we mean that in the funniest way possible).

Trust us, this’ll all make way more sense when you watch the video for yourself.

Of course, earlier this year, Bad Lip Reading did the same thing when Clinton and Bernie Sanders debated.

But first things first! Watch and prepare to ROFL.