In which Aziz Ansari and Jon Hamm *almost* go to space together

If you were going go to space, who would you take with you? That’s a question that Aziz Ansari already knows the answer to because he’s thought about it a whole lot.

On Saturday, the comedian and actor took the stage at Entertainment Weekly‘s first-ever EW Fest in New York City with EW senior writer Dan Snierson. He chatted about his latest Netflix project — Master of None (which we’re very, very excited about) — dishing on how it came together and where the show is at today. And, yeah, who he’d go to space with.

Now, full disclosure, if you haven’t heard about Master of None: it follows the story of a 30-year-old actor named Dev who’s struggling in New York City (aka it’s not about space). That said, in the period of time during which Aziz was coming up with this concept he did totally dream up a movie starring himself and Jon Hamm in which they go to space. (Why isn’t this a real movie??) “I can’t exactly remember what happened,” Aziz told EW. Keep that idea alive Aziz, we’d see that movie.

Aziz also explained a bit more about the process behind Master of None, saying that the show’s original concept was born on the set of Parks and Recreation. Along with Parks co-executive producer Alan Yang, Aziz started coming up with the idea, which he pitched to Netflix and, well, the rest is history.Although Aziz will be playing a young actor in NYC, remember this is not totally autobiographical, even though both of his real-life parents were cast as Dev’s parents. That took a bit of coddling at first, especially with his mom. (“If you love me, you’ll do this,” he said, and she replied, “No.” We can just feel the love.)

Check out a clip from the event below, and make sure to check out Master of None when it hits Netflix on November 4th.

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