Briana Hansen
Updated May 30, 2018 @ 1:29 pm
Credit: Netflix

It’s Emmy nomination time again and (as always) there are lots of surprises all-around. And one of the least-surprising nominations was, of course, for the absolutely outstanding Aziz Ansari who totally killed it with his Netflix original show Master of None.

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(Uh, YES really)

But what is surprising about his nomination is that it’s actually historic.

It’s the first time a South Asian actor has received a nomination for Lead Actor in a TV series.

While there have been a handful of South Asian actors who have been nominated for supporting roles (like Naveen Andrews in Lost and Ben Kingsley in almost everything he does), none had yet been nominated for Lead Actor (which is actually kind of crazy to think about).

His nomination is well-deserved. Master of None was had an absolutely amazing first season and we can’t wait to see all the characters again for the second. We also can’t wait to see all the new ways the show will help us navigate life for our generation and get through sometimes difficult situations.

Credit: Netflix/giphy

Ansari worked hard in Master of None by creating, writing, directing, and starring in the series.

Plus it only seems fitting that, since his character doesn’t shy away from his South Asian background (just like in his stand up comedy), he gets recognized for breaking down barriers with his edgy and inspiring comedy.