Credit: Peter Bischoff/Getty Images

ICYMI, Friday, June 16th was a ~big~ day, when we could go visit Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. Yup, this classic attraction is finally open again at Disneyland, reported the Orange County Register, and we couldn’t be more excited. Ahoy, one and all!

It seems like it’s been closed FORever, and that’s true — since early 2016. But why?! Disneyland needed to shorten the route for the Rivers of America in Frontierland, according to the O.C. Register. Of course, this was to make room for the 14-acre (!) Star Wars land project. Okay, so it was for a good cause — we can’t fault them. The important thing is, Pirate’s Lair is back, hopefully to stay!

Of course, Captain Jack Sparrow was there for the reopening.

In case you’re wondering, old island favorites are back, from the mill to the swaying suspension bridge. However, though Fort Wilderness still exists, it continues to be closed to visitors since it’s used by the cast and crew of the night-time river show Fantasmic! — another great cause, amirite?!

Also, we’ll be able to see parts of the northern area of the island now, via the Mark Twain Riverboat or the Sailing Ship Columbia. Of course, we must wait till the end of July when the river’s back in business, but that’s ~soon~. And we can always opt for a view of everything from a Davy Crockett Canoe. YAS, please.

Other perks?

Now, due to the shortened river route, we’ll be able to check out more things we couldn’t see before. Also at the end of July, the Disneyland Railroad will be back, and some of the new route will be visible from the island, the O.C. Register reported. And our lives wouldn’t be complete without the night-time river show — yes, the stage on the island got a makeover, too. The show will be back on July 17th — aka Disneyland’s birthday. Woot-woot!

Let’s check out more pics from the reopening of Pirate’s Lair! As you can see, it looks like a great day for adventure!

It also looks like fun for all ages!

You can check out a sneak peek here, though we really want to go explore it IRL.

Okay, that ~definitely~ looks like something that’s going on the top of our to-do list rn! Our only question: When can we go visit?! And who’s in?