Lilian Min
April 02, 2017 10:21 am
Wit Studio

Imagine if Game of Thrones promised a new season soon, and then… radio silence. For four years. In which fans breathlessly waited for any scrap of information about their super popular favorite show. That was the situation with Attack on Titan, a Japanese anime that quickly became a global sensation.

But after four years of waiting, fans finally got to watch season two’s premiere yesterday — but there’s a catch.

(Warning: this show is about giant humanoid monster “titans,” so there’s quite a bit of gore involved below.)

Most shows, Western or otherwise, run a 26-episode-ish season. More one-off or prestige shows might have smaller episode orders. Attack on Titan‘s first season had 21 episodes and a bunch of specials. Given the show’s hiatus, it’d make sense if the new season was as long, if not longer.

And yet, the second season of Attack of Titan is only going to be twelve episodes. Each episode runs about twenty minutes. This is curious for a number of reasons. For starters, most anime and their manga (comic) counterparts run side by side, with the manga running longer. If the anime, which condenses stories faster, catches up to the manga? It’ll run filler episodes until the manga is far enough ahead.

The Attack of Titan manga is now lightyears ahead of the show, so why the delay? Most likely, the production team is simply short-staffed.

If the above trailer doesn’t completely gross you out, you might really enjoy this bizarre, thought-provoking show. If nothing else, there’s a character who’s obsessed with food, and she is a meme-making delight.

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