Kathryn Lindsay
April 12, 2016 4:53 pm

If repeatedly binge-listening to season one of Serial looking for clues wasn’t enough for you, we have good news. Key witness Asia McClain is writing a book about the case, due out June 7th, reports The Frisky. Confessions of a Serial Alibi will document the perspective of Adnan Syed’s then-classmate during the drama of January 13, 1999, and the subsequent court case that followed.

For those who aren’t familiar, the first season of Serial focuses on the murder of Hae Min Lee, for which Adnan was accused of and subsequently convicted for before Sarah Koenig re-examined the case when the podcast came out in 2014. Asia is one of the people who claims to have seen Adnan that day at the library during the time that Hae would have been killed, and it’s her word that could free Adnan from the already sixteen years he’s spent behind bars.

Asia had the chance to tell her story during a post-conviction relief hearing back in February. She recounted not just her memory of speaking to Adnan in the library, but the many ways she attempted to let her account be known during the initial case, including writing Adnan two letters, and writing an affidavit a year after his conviction. She had no idea how crucial her perspective was until Serial took off, and has since then been fighting to get her side of the story heard.

This book is sure to contain many details that will give us a better understanding of what happened that day, as well as the complicated nature of the court process that has been unfolding all these years. The biggest question, however, is this: Will we finish the book even faster than the podcast? Only time will tell.