Ashley Rickards has the scoop on the next season of ‘Awkward’

2016 is bringing us so much amazing TV, including the long-awaited return of shows like MTV’s Awkward. The show is in its fifth (and possibly final) season, and when the second half returns to our screens next year, there’s a lot of questions we hope to have answered. Luckily, star Ashley Rickards spoke to the Huffington Post, and told us everything we have to look forward to when the series is back on our screens.

First, Jenna and long-time love interest Matty are safe. “[Their relationship] has been building for five years,” she explained. “It’s really gratifying because it happened in such an honest way. They don’t know what the future holds, but they know that it’s worth it. I do think they are in it for the long haul.”

But there are some unexpected things on the horizon. Remember Jenna’s signature hoodie? Gone. Her social scene will also change a bit, migrating away from crazy frat parties more towards a subdued, intellectual crowd.

The best news, however, is that this supposed “final” season may not be final after all. Showrunner Mike Chessler had some encouraging words when he spoke to TVLine back in November.

We’re crossing our fingers that we won’t have to say goodbye to Awkward just yet, but no matter what happens, the second half of this season is shaping up to be pretty perfect.

(Image via MTV)

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