Crystal Ro
July 22, 2016 2:51 pm
Marciano Palácio /

Artist re-imaginings of Disney characters, particularly princesses, seem to happen all the time. But it’s a little more rare to see a beautiful re-imagination of other iconic female characters.

Lucky for us, artist Marciano Palácio recently took the time to create these stunning illustrations of some of your favorite female heroes as teenagers, and they are BEAUTIFUL.

Like She-Ra perfecting her iconic coif.

Buffy enjoying some bubblegum.

Wonder Woman strapping on her kick-ass boots.

Xena showing off her ~guns~.

The Pink Power Ranger shining her helmet.

Sailor Moon making sure her long locks are perfect.

Hermione nose deep in a good read.

Storm taking a selfie.

Jean Grey/Phoenix enjoying a caffeinated pick-me-up (in a WOLVERINE mug, btw!).

Rogue jammin’ to some tunes.

Diana from Dungeons & Dragons snacking on a burger.

And finally, Sara from Wildfire perfecting her pedicure.

::Stands up. Claps forever.::