Alim Kheraj
Updated Dec 28, 2016 @ 12:03 pm

The ponytail wielding vocal powerhouse that is Ariana Grande just experienced being objectified to her face and it’s SO not okay.

Grande, who has spent the holiday season with her partner and collaborator Mac Miller, experienced the incident while going out to eat with him last night (December 27th), and decided to take to Twitter to open up about the uncomfortable encounter.

Now, Ariana isn’t afraid to shut down sexism when she sees it. The singer has repeatedly shut down sexist interview questions and called out everyday sexism.

Therefore, Ariana Grande expertly expressed her mind after being objectified in real life.

Sharing the experience on Twitter, the star recounted how her and her partner Mac Miller had been going out to get something to eat when a fan of Miller’s approached them both. Initially, the singer thought the whole thing was cute and sweet until, well, it wasn’t.

This is SO not okay.

Continuing, Ariana said that these sorts of incidents “contribute to women’s sense of fear and inadequacy.”

Ariana followed this by saying that people need to talk openly about these moments “live on inside of us as shame” and that if people don’t speak up about them they’ll continue to happen.

Okay, we can’t stop applauding Ariana Grande’s response to what is obviously a really awful and upsetting experience. Rather than respond by naming and shaming anyone, the star has risen above and talked about the wider implications of what her experience means, and we respect her power and her bravery. As she said, it’s important to speak up and be heard, and we’re so inspired by her words.

We ARE queens!