Alim Kheraj
Updated Aug 19, 2016 @ 4:37 am
Ariana Grande
Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

There seems to be no end to Ariana Grande’s talents. Obviously she’s a great singer, actor, and has a great eye for style, but she’s also a great comic and impressionist.

Literally, you NEED to see her impersonate Christina Aguilera, it’s amazing.

Ariana, who recently released her new album Dangerous Woman, which contains the song of the summer “Into You,” seems to have gone MAD for snapchat filters and Instagram.

However, Ariana might have just revealed that she has another talent hidden away in her repertoire…animal spotting.

It seems that Ariana and her friends visited a golf course in Pittsburgh but due to their lack of interest in the sport decided that they’d go hunt for wild reindeer instead.

This is too funny.

Ariana does her best impression of the late Steve Irwin as she hunts around the golf course for some reindeer.

Credit: Instagram/ Ariana Grande

While initially it seems like their hunt for the creatures is in vain, Ariana (doing her best Dora the Explorer impression) finally spots some. It’s a magical moment.

It might just be us, but we’re craving a show where Ariana Grande goes hunting around the world for wild animals. Imagine Ariana up against a crocodile or hanging out with some cute sloths.

C’mon Ari, the animal kingdom needs you!

While we wait for Ariana to commission her own nature show (cc. The Discovery Channel), the singer recently announced that she’s joining the cast of NBC’s Hairspray! Live, which is set to air on December 7.