Ariana Grande
Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

It’s safe to say that not everyone is 100% happy with the Grammy nominations, and this Ariana Grande fan took to twitter to explain why his favorite singer should have been nominated for either song or record of the year for “Into You.”

While Ariana Grande has indeed been nominated for a Grammy for her album Dangerous Woman, the star isn’t the only one who people feel should have been nominated for more awards. Indeed, fans accidentally caused fake drama between Beyoncé and Rihanna after the latter’s eighth album, Anti, wasn’t nominated for Album of the Year.

Now, it’s not secret that we absolutely ADORE Ariana Grande’s “Into You.” Whether it’s a remix or a ‘80s reimagining of the track, it’s so catchy that we still can’t get enough of it. And it seems that we’re not the only ones.

Twitter user @abcdellis_ (aka Ellis O’Connell) took to the social media platform to speak out about why he believed that “Into You” deserved a Grammy nomination and his reasonings are iconic.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Ellis explained that “Into You” is a “technical masterpiece.”

Ellis argues that it’s the song’s production that really made it out, telling how producers Max Martin and Savan Kotecha created synth sounds with their own vocals and layered them to create something that sounds like “it’s underwater.”

Going on to praise Ariana’s vocal ability, he also noted the way that the song is built up from surprises.

Speaking to HelloGiggles, Ellis explained why he felt the need to come to express his frustrations at Ariana’s Grammy snub.

“My Twitter has been a shrine to two things this year: Max Martin and ‘Into You’. It really annoyed me how a song like ‘7 Years’ by Lukas Graham is nominated for Record of the Year at the Grammy’s yet it doesn’t have much technical depth,” he said. Max Martin literally made the bulk of the verse production from voices made to sound like synthesised guitars – who thinks that?! It’s exquisite. I was very emotional and needed to let people know that ‘Into You’ is a technical masterpiece – as well as Ariana sounding great on it.”

Ellis also spoke about why he loves Ariana Grande so darn much.

Well, we can’t argue with that.