Elizabeth Entenman
January 26, 2015 3:33 pm

Have you ever been in a movie theater and the guy three rows back just won’t stop talking? Or the flick’s killer is about to finally be revealed, when suddenly the glow of your neighbor’s cell phone catches your eye? Or perhaps you find yourself seated directly next to someone eating 1,000 packets of individually wrapped crinkly candy.

It can seem like people have downright lost their movie theater manners, but some unearthed slides show that movie-goers have needed reminding on how to act since the very birth of movie-going. The Library of Congress recently shared some movie theater etiquette posters from the early 20th century, that prove there have always been conflicts at the movie house. It’s just that back then the issues that arose were a bit more charming. Quite frankly, we cannot get enough of this olde time movie magic.

The next time you’re in the theater, before you reach for your phone, think of the pleas from these old-fashioned lads and ladies! People have been begging for your undivided movie-going attention for years. Here were some of the issues that faced movie-goers in 1912.

Down in front!

This is not the appropriate time for a spontaneous dance party.

Refrain from using your feet, or other appendages. 

It actually seems like this whole hat thing was a really big problem.

And some movie theater problems never change.

The definitive movie theater truth.

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