Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 19, 2015 @ 1:26 pm

This weekend, we all met Scott Lang, AKA Ant-Man. He’s just the latest to join Marvel’s ever-growing superhero roster, and honestly it’s about time someone let Paul Rudd save the world, you know? But now it’s time to dive into what we saw happen in Ant-Man, specifically that post-credit scene. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, stop reading, get in your car, drive to a theater, and go see Ant-Man, because there are spoilers ahead.

Ant-Man has not one, but two, post credit scenes. The first one reminds us that it’s about damn time we got some female superheroes (right on, Hope). The second one, though, gives us a huge first look at what’s going to happen in Captain America: Civil War.

This post-credit scene has Captain America/Steve Rogers and Falcon/Sam Wilson finding The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes — how, and why, and what’s going on, we don’t know. What we do know, is that this post-credit scene is actually a scene from Captain America: Civil War. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige thought it would be a perfect tag for Ant-Man, seeing as how it would quickly bring Ant-Man up to speed with the already-established Avengers. It’s also a super important tease for where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is headed next.

The plot of Civil War is going to focus on the tensions between the Marvel heroes after the U.S. Government passes the Superhero Registration Act, which basically aims to keep an eye on all these guys and girls, and keep what they do regulated. Tony Stark/Iron Man, is in favor of it, while Cap isn’t. This leads to some hostility between the two of them — and we already saw some of this brewing in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Remember that scene where the two guys are chopping wood at Hawkeye’s secret farm house? Think of that, but now times a billion, and that’s what’s going to happen in Civil War.

Coming back to this Ant-Man credit-scene, Falcon asks Cap if he should “call Stark” for backup in this situation. The way Cap shoots this down suggests that these two heroes are already at odds with one another. Cap mentions something about “the accords,” which is more than likely (and, still unconfirmed) related to the Superhero Registration Act. Since Stark agreed to the terms of the Act, and Cap didn’t, now they can’t rely on the help of the other to save the day. They’ve got to call someone else for backup.

Thankfully, Falcon’s mentions that he “knows a guy,” before the screen goes black with the giant text of ANT-MAN WILL RETURN. We can guess that this is Falcon suggesting it’s time to bring Scott to the Avengers party. It’s already been confirmed that Rudd will appear in Civil War, and now we’ve got a tiny peak as to when it actually happens.

This still doesn’t answer all our other burning questions, like, what really pushes Cap and Iron Man to be at odds with one another? Where the heck are they right now? Why can’t Cap and Falcon call Black Widow/Scarlet Witch/Vision/Thor/Hulk? What side of the Act will Ant-Man fall on — and can Rudd please go head-to-head with Robert Downy Jr. at some point? Oh, oh and also, can Hope really put on that Wasp suit? Please?

(Image via Marvel.)