Anne Hathaway did something a little bit out of her comfort zone on Instagram last night in order to take a really important stand, and send a very important message. When the Les Misérables star noticed that people were taking pictures of her on the beach, she decided to post a picture of her own. In it, she’s posing and showing off her baby bump while smiling for the camera. This small decision ended up being pretty powerful.

She explains:

Although Hathaway announced her pregnancy back in November, she’s kept it all pretty private. She’s one of many stars who are speaking out against invasive paparazzi photos, especially when it comes to personal and family issues.

By posting this Instagram, Hathaway beat the paparazzi to the punch, taking control of an otherwise unwanted, invasive situation. Plus, this photo is probably a million times better because it was sanctioned by the star herself. Hathaway looks happy and healthy, and comfortable — and we love that.

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