Queen Anna Paquin has a message for all the body shamers out there: Back. Off.

While attending the premiere for her new movie The Good Dinosaur (in which she voices Ramsey the dino), Paquin and husband Stephen Moyer walked the red carpet. Anna looked absolutely stunning in a black, floral dress with fun yellow heels – but some did not see it that way, commenting on the style of dress she wore and how it wasn’t form-fitting enough.

While trolls cruelly picking apart and policing women’s bodies isn’t new, it’s still always, always devastating. Anna took to twitter in response to the cruel comments, saying: “[D]ear mother nature, people who bravely hide behind computers and pass judgement have informed me my pale skin and dark hair=old/[ugly]/harsh.”

Instead of allowing these insults to go unnoticed, Paquin decided to shine a light on the criticisms she faces the moment she steps out of her house —the kind of criticism that so many humans face each and every day. These tweets prove that she, too, is a human being who is affected by nasty comments about her body. And no amount of fame can make these hurtful words disappear —which is why Anna aims to address such situations with openness and honesty.

Luckily, a slew of followers rushed to support her in the midst of this unfortunate, body shaming incident.

After the outpouring of kind, supportive comments, Anna wanted to clarify her intent, which was purely to call out the people who shamed her dress and body: “[S]orry if this feels like blatant compliment fishing, really not my intention but do appreciate the love xo.”

This isn’t the first time Paquin’s made powerful statements about body shaming. “People don’t have to tell you overtly that it’s better ‘for you to be smaller.’ [It’s] one of those things that’s instilled in you, that it’d be really unfortunate for you to not fit the sample size. I think that’s a shame. If you’re not in shape and you don’t look a certain way you might not get the parts you want. If the character is written as hot and fit, yeah, of course you feel some pressure to make sure you look that way, whether that’s right or wrong,” Anna told SELF. “I wish it wasn’t an aspect of the job, but I’d be lying if I said it isn’t something I think about.”

Well said, Anna.

[Images via Twitter]