Carly Lane
Updated Apr 30, 2015 @ 12:48 pm

In the world of movies and TV, recasting happens all the time. Sometimes it’s necessary — the story leaps forward, someone’s contract is up, chemistry dies, schedules conflict — and other times, it just doesn’t make that much sense.

Such was the case when news broke that the role of the President’s daughter in Independence Day 2 would be recast. The huge tragedy here is that the part in the first flick was played to perfection by an 8-year-old Mae Whitman (who we ADORE, bee tee dubs). I mean, just look at this:

In case you didn’t know, Mae is STILL acting and she’s better than ever. She actually just starred in The Duff and was totally killer. Long story short, she should totally still be the daughter in Independence Day 2!

Well our spirit actress, Anna Kendrick, agrees and took to Twitter to voice her own disapproval over the decision to replace Mae. “What the actual f—? @maebirdwing is talented as hell and JUST proved she can carry a film. Smh.”

Mae definitely appeared to appreciate Kendrick’s words, responding with her own love-tweet: “Man. I love you to death kid, :)” Lady power.

Apart from that initial tweet as well as a few retweets of articles expressing confusion over this news, Mae hasn’t really expressed her own feelings on the matter. But we have to admit that we’re wondering why a recast was even necessary to begin with. Mae’s proven herself to be hands down fantastic, stealing our hearts and making us cry our eyes out during her run as Amber on Parenthood — not to mention owning every scene she was in as the title character in The Duff. This recast news doesn’t diminish our excitement about Independence Day 2 and we’re sure Mae’s replacement will be rad, we’re just mourning the loss.

Maika Monroe is replacing Whitman and, we’ve gotta say, we love her past creds. The actress is known for such films as Labor Day and It Follows, and has officially been dubbed a new “scream queen” in Hollywood. She’ll bring a fresh take to the President’s daughter, who as of now is all grown up.

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